Alexie Orlov: Took Brand Marketing to a New Levels

All of you must have heard the name which is Alexei Orlov possessing experience of 30 years across 40 countries and 50 brands. He has made life his business and business, life and is excelling in global marketing as a seasoned leader. The driving force that kept him going throughout his career is his passion and dynamic leadership. Most people around the world know Alexei Orlov as a specialist in market deployment, operational management, and global band strategy.

The people fortunate to work alongside him can get his advice that is proved to be precious across brand marketing and activation. From the initial stages of his career, Alexei was compassionate in thinking big and pushing the boundaries of creative thinking in marketing solutions.

Let’s take a look at the early life of Alexei Orlov:-

Before getting into the marketing business, he had plans to live as a member of the priesthood. For this, he turned towards seminary like any other young aspiring priest would do to begin. However, he had to quit it due to a family emergency and come back home. At home, his desire to become a priest began to fade away.

Soon after, he did realize priesthood wasn’t something made for him and his true calling was in the business world which he realized after securing a job in merchandising. The job demanded the correct combination of creative vision and operational skill, so Alexei was quite happy to put in his best effort in the job and in every job that he took after.

Benefits of a startup

There was something that Alexei realized a little later and that was a temptation towards the leadership roles. He was an entrepreneur from birth and started to build businesses at the early stages of his life. He enjoyed his time spent talking with clients and CEOs of the companies he would work for and would ask their preferences regarding the branding issues. All of these meetings shaped the confidence needed to fulfill his leadership roles.

ROCQM and MCW, the two companies specializing in brand strategy, were early entrepreneurial ventures of Orlov which gained significant successes. After this, he worked with Wunderman, a digital specialist agency. Then in 2017, he founded MTM (moments that matter), a group specializing in media and brand development. Through the company, he got a chance to offer unique solutions once again to his clients.

Alexie gives credit for his accomplishments to the hard work poured into everything he had done, and his unstoppable attitude to carry out the tasks.