Are you looking for the best quality digital displays and LCD?

There are different types of Digital displays and LCDs by the Huntaway security website. You should choose the best digital signage system Singapore today.

Types of digital signage which you can try

First is a floor standing digital signage

This signage is a portable device and, its size is 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”, and 65” optional. The signage display version is standalone and network version. And OS is Android/ windows.

The second is rotated digital signage screen

This portable device and its size are 43” and 55”. And the version is the same as in the floor standing digital signage. You can call huntaway if you want to know more about this particular screen.

attendance system

The third is wall-mounted digital signage 

This is a portable digital signage display for your place and, its size is 18.5”, 21. 5”, 32”, 43”,49”, 55”, and 85”. The version is the same in this display as well.

Fourth is a touch screen kiosk

This digital display is fantastic, and its size is 32”, 43, 49”, and 55”.

Fifth is potable digital signage

This digital signage size is 43”, 49”, and 55” and, the version is the same in this as well.

Sixth is LCD or LED video

This fantastic LCD has a customized size that is on the users’ requirements. The resolution of this LCD is 1920 x 1080 and, the bezel width is 1.8mm/3.5mm/5.5mm. Its aspect ratio is around 16.9, so if you want to buy this contact huntaway today!