Essence of electromagnetic switch

There is an existence of relays which was purposely used in cars and became popular in all over automobile world. It is used in cars essentially in order to control circuits and it will be especially helpful in times of over current passed through the circuits is an added advantage as well. Due to its huge demand, there are currently people are approaching the use of automotive ones which are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and all.


A relays are popularly considered as electromagnetic switches. Its operation is carried out by mild electric current where it can perform on and off respectively. In short these are considerably named as switches which usually can be open and close the circuits. These switches by opening controls 1 circuit and closing another circuit in the form of contacts electronically. There is a protective kind of controls where it is helpful in preventing damages caused to equipments. It can be detected easily in the form of electrical abnormal position; excessive loads of current that strike suddenly, voltage levels change etc. Popularly these kinds of control switches reduce larger voltages is an added advantage.

xistence of electromechanical relays

Purpose of using relays in car:

Using this kind of switches will be helpful for protecting wiring from damage and all the devices resided in it might have a chance of getting damaged due to high voltages of current. So these switches will control all the devices from damage when the circuit switch is in on or off condition.

Currently there is an existence of electromechanical relays that plays an effective role in its utilization. Let’s take a brief note on it;

Electromechanical Relays:

As discussed above, it is quite similar to switches but it functions electronically is the only objective here. Concentrating on the following parts and functions that include the following aspects;

  • Frame:

It is a part of an electromechanical relays or a kind of switches electronically where it is usually beneficial for supporting relay parts and it looks like a Heavy-duty frame.

  • Coil:

In the name only, it justifies that a coil is resided in the wire that impacts to cause an electromagnetic field environment. Actually a metal core which is present in it is wounded by this wire only.

  • Armature:

It is known for a moving or a movable part of a switch.  Its function is simply opening and closing the contacts associated. There is a kind of spring attached to it which is helpful for letting the armature to get back into its original position.

  • Contacts:

This is a part of a switch used for closing or breaking a circuit. In short it is also known as conducting part.


Hence there are extraordinary benefits in utilizing switches for controlling purposes and especially it is electronically strikes a huge popularity in the overall market.