Know the best Products for hair growth to Use for Healthy Luscious Hair

Everyone dreams about healthy and luscious mane on their head. It not only increases the beauty of the person but also affects their  self confidence. The increases in pollution, stress and the food we eat have all led to the problem of hair loss. Aging and hormonal changes are the other common reasons for thinning hair line. However, there are some products which fight hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.  Though there are some best products for hair growth, it is necessary to know the reasons for the problem in first place before you start treating it.

 Normal hair loss in not a problem, it is a part of hair growth cycle. The problem of thinning happens when there is excessive hair fall. Excessive Hair fall happens majorly because of health issues like lack of the required vitamins and minerals in the body, stress, pregnancy and lactation, excess amounts of Vitamin A, menopause, age, certain skin diseases like psoriasis, stress, long standing illness, certain illness like thyroid and anaemia. Hair fall is also the result of excessive use of chemical products on hair like dyes, colouring gels, styling products, environmental pollution and effects of certain medicines.  Genetic conditions may also lead to thinning of hair. So it is important to consult a doctor and determine reasons for the problem before you start using the hair growth products.

Reasons to use the best products for hair growth:

There are many products like vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, topical applications, hair brushes, deep conditioning treatments and natural solutions that help in treating the problem of hair loss.

Ultrax labs Hair Rush is a wonderful product to treat the hair loss. It contains Keratin along with 23 other vitamins like vitamin B6, zinc and biotin that promote hair thickness and growth. Viviscal Extra Strength and Biotin (high Potency) are the other capsules you can consider using to treat hair loss. These products provide strength to the hair and are safe to use.

You can also use low level light therapy from iRestore to increase hair growth. This device use low level light which is not toxic to the body. It uses LED lights and medical lasers which increase the metabolism and make the hair follicles active and increases their growth. This product can be used along with other topical treatments to fasten the process and see fast results.

Ultra Labs Hair Surge, PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, Nizoral A-D are the best shampoos for treating hair loss. They use all natural ingredients which do not damage the hair.

Ultra Labs Hair Solaye,  Organic Rapid Growth Conditioner are the best conditioners which use natural ingredients like argan and jojoba oils, Rosemary extract, Chamomile extract to fight hair loss and promote healthy growth. You can also use deep conditioners like Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair mask for moisturising and protecting your hair from harmful effects of pollution.

There are also topical treatments like Keratese Initialiste, Women’s Rogaine Treatment and Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum which can be applied on the scalp to improve the health of the hair follicles.

You can also use hair brushes like the Boar Bristle Brush, The detangling brush and paddle brush which have gentle bristles made of bamboo and give a gentle massage to your scalp when you brush your hair.

Apart from these you can follow some general tips like washing your hair regularly, not using heavy styling products, using dryers and other heat products for longer periods, reducing stress and eating nutrient rich balanced diet to take care of your hair. For more information and tips on hair care please visit