Posing Tips in Photography for Beginners

When posing, you need to be able to relate the subject, its features, appropriate lighting, clothing and posture. These will all come with time and practice, but you need a starting point. A great way to get started is to collect as many pose ideas as possible and practice with friends and family. Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Method useful when teaching portraiture and posing; pick up poses.

Go to your local newsstand and buy a visual magazine or something similar. Get great; you want to be able to submit many ideas. Then browse the magazines and buy the ones that interest you and that you want to emulate. Search the Internet for similar materials, print them and post them on your dairy farm. Find books, newspapers, and any other sources you want and keep posting them in your visual diary.

Once you have enough material to keep you busy, start analyzing the photos. Aside from the pose, what you need to know is the lighting. Determine how many lights were used and from which direction. Write this next to the photo. Also, write down the names of people you think are appropriate for this particular pose in photography for beginners.

photography for beginners

Now you have some ideas on how to position and light the subject. Invite one by one friend/family and try the poses in your visual diary. Open the journal on the page of the selected pose that you are trying to perform; place the magazine in front of the camera so you can see it while still looking at the subject.

Take notes if necessary, there is nothing wrong with doing this in front of the buyer. Some clients like to browse through a collection of poses and choose something that grabs their attention, so journaling has two benefits.


If you use this method over and over, you probably won’t need to use a pose file. But keep it still, it will always come in handy as there is an infinite number of poses, a feature when it comes to changing lighting to change moods. An authoritative online photography course will provide training on how to pose for your model, as well as many other aspects of photography for beginners.