Things to Know When Buying Kydex Holser

If you wish to keep your gun truly safe, with the good balance between the retention & release, you will need to ditch the nylon holsters for something more sturdy. We are talking of best kydex holster that are molded particularly for your gun or pistol, in palce of being fitted for all pouches. Thus, we find out the top IWB holsters in the market. While making the considerations, we have looked at the concealment, reliability, durability, as well as value for your money. As kydex holsters are used with the specific pistols, the list can be a little different from some reviews. We have sorted this by pistol kind, and make it simple to find the top holster for the particular gun.

Knowing the Different Kinds of Kydex Holser

Downside of such approach is we have made a few choices for the popular pistols. We are afraid that is just a nature of business. If holster will be the top, it has to be a right fit.

What’s Kydex?

Kydex was actually known as the thermoplastic. The thermoplastic is one kind of the plastic that will be heated in the shape without losing the structural integrity and characteristics of a material. It makes it the best holster material as Kydex will be bought in the sheet, as well as molded to fit an intricate details of the gun. The intricacy over parts like the Picatinny rails & trigger guards generally allows holster maker to modify retention around the features to make the usable holster. The Kydex’s natural spring will be resistance to bending and makes it the best material to make the retention holsters.   Probably you are thinking, what’s Kydex? And why to select Kydex? Well, Kydex holster has some benefits to look at.

1) Durable – Kydex is just more rugged & durable than other holster materials out there. It does not absorb water & resists abrasion, as well as in the normal temperatures is subject to cracking. With time, Kydex will develop the orange peel patina on outside, but it is the problem. It will not affect durability of its material.

2) Maintenance Free – The Kydex is totally maintenance free, literally it needs nothing to start going. Other holsters have to be dry or clean, however it will not make any difference to the Kydex holster. Thermoplastic makes up the Kydex sheet is not going to be much affected by any external factors besides extreme cold and extreme heat.

3) Cheap – Kydex is cheaper than any other holster materials. It does not mean that holsters themselves are much cheaper. On a contrary, it is simple to find the Kydex holsters, which retail for more than the comparable leather holster, however material itself is much cheaper and most of Kydex manufacturers are offering holsters at the cheaper rates than before.

4) Rigid and Pliable – Since covered earlier, the Kydex is really tough! It will literally be melted & reshaped many times you want providing you do not scorch its plastic. The amount of malleability will be unique in the holster materials. When in the normal temperature Kydex is rigid & pliable. It can bend to resist on what will bend or destroy other holsters shape, still spring back in the last thermal design.