Ultimate tips to repair your car safely

Taking your vehicle to the mechanic shop to fix something simple could be expensive and if you know how to repair cars, doing so from the comfort of your home could be a good alternative. However, it is important that you follow some safety tips to avoid dangerous situations.  Click here to know about BMW service Birmingham AL.

Engine off

It is very important that before you start fixing your car, you have everything ready. What does this mean? Your vehicle must be parked, with the engine off and cold. In addition, it is important that you place it in a flat place and that you have the parking brake applied, especially if it is a manual car. Visit this site to know about BMW service Birmingham AL.

Be prepared

We have talked about the importance of having the car ready to fix it, but you also have to be prepared. Before getting down to work, take off any jewelry, watch, tie or pendant you are wearing. If you have long hair, then tie your hair to avoid getting caught with the car parts.

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Toxic products

If you are going to use toxic chemicals to repair your car, you must take several safety measures. It is important that you protect your eyes and mouth, either with protective glasses or a mask. In the same way, it might be a good idea to put on gloves for your hands, but if you prefer not to, make sure you clean and rub your hands well with soap once you have finished fixing your vehicle.

Gasoline is a very dangerous toxic product, so it is also recommended that if you are a smoker, avoid lighting a cigarette when you are working in your car.


Even if your car engine is off, it is always good to have a fire extinguisher in case of fire. When you buy the fire extinguisher, check that the letters B are found on the label, for fires caused by liquids and fats; and C, for electric fires.

In relation to this last advice, try to work in a place that is well ventilated to avoid breathing carbon monoxide since, as with gasoline, this product is highly toxic. Also, in case of fire, it will always be easier to turn it off if you are in an open space instead of a garage.

Repairing cars is not an easy task and it is always advisable to leave it in the hands of professionals, but if you want to save money, these tips will help keep you and your environment safe.