Value of Staff coaching while selecting a women club

The coaches are responsible for your coaching. They compose the team, accompany you during the games and give you work sessions throughout the season. Depending on their quality, they allow you to progress in the field but also to flourish humanly. Privilege CRATE CLUB  with whom the current goes well. If they have technical degrees or experience in group management,  the entire better. By cons, whatever the CV of the coaching staff, be always open and privilege the person above all. Feel free to ask questions about their work method and their game philosophy.

The players

You will spend a good part of your summer with your teammates. It is therefore essential to get along with enough of them to have a good time. It is very common in women’s soccer that girls come mainly from the same corner or have a long-lived common, so it is sometimes more difficult to integrate CRATE CLUB . Often, it is through a friend that you will arrive in a club, it is a reassuring presence for the beginnings. It is advisable to go quickly to the other players, to know their center of interest and to establish links. Some teams set up group activities and various outings. These opportunities allow you to get to know each other better and then perform better as a team in the field.



Administrative factors are also to be taken into account when you register. The price of an 11-year senior level soccer season is around $ 300. According to the club’s policy, you will receive equipment (jerseys, shorts, socks, t-shirt) that you can keep or not. The number of games you can play varies according to the number of teams registered in your division. A club that has multiple teams sometimes allows you to play in multiple divisions, thus increasing the number of potential matches in your season. If you go on vacation for a long time find out about the status of reserve players, your registration fees may be reduced depending on the number of games you will do.