Wardak: Georgetown Alumni And Former Rhodes Scholar

The grown-up gifted child, Hamed Wardak, showed promise of unique intellectual valor. At an early age, he has a short and varied professional life behind him. He has not only shown intellectual courage, but chameleon-like quickness of knowledge combined with a focused. He applied a creative approach to his professional assignments. So, it made him one-step-ahead of the curve.

Success is engrained

Hamed is a simple man, a son of the Defense Minister in Afghanistan. He spent his developmental years between the United States and Pakistan. He earned a degree and graduated as class valedictorian. Wardak was the first student who received the historic and prestigious Rhodes Scholarship from Georgetown University upon graduating. After he graduated, Hamed immediately returned to his native land to help the needy during the Civil War in Afghanistan. After fighting or his country’s freedom, Hamed returned to the U.S. and landed a business venture. He worked with Merrill Lynch, one of the corporate heavyweights and Technologists Inc. He acted as a contractor and a social architect for the United States Government.

undercover philanthropy

The entrepreneur

Wardak absorbed many lessons from where he was working with. He saw a creative adventure in the corporate world. Taken a sharp right turn in the world of business, he embraced entrepreneurship and moved to create an apparel line. It was named as Ludas Athletics that specializes in athletic clothing. Wardak spent time planting and watering seeds in his business. Plus, he becomes an author. He contributed writing for the Huffington Post.

The undercover philanthropy

Hamed emphasizes the importance of finding the best possible talent when asked on how to create a successful business. Furthermore, he believes that the best possible talent must come equipped with a generous heart ready to work hard of philanthropic and professional achievements. He believes that the young generation must be moved to a professional workforce. Ludas Athletics was built and used as a platform in raising global awareness of several philanthropic works. He was claimed as an instrument of change for the children and refugees

A man with motivation

At an early age, Hamed has much success. He keeps motivated by doing well, feeling well, and take care of oneself; both physical and emotional.  He has a strict physical regimen; morning sessions at the gym and runs for hours. He uses his passion for music, the techno style that Valen of Wicked created. He uses his talent to earn money and use it for helping the needy; both children and refugees.