Ways to make your air compressor free from water

Today the air compressor is finding its various applications in painting or drilling and sometimes it is used in minute works like sand blasting. So it is time to learn the common problem faced by the air compressor and it is going to be problem when the compressor is used for works like painting. Because the water can marks tretches of the paint in a different time thus making it unviable. So the problem of condensation in air compressor needs serious attention and it is not a big deal to clear it without any hassles.

compressor system

Today air compressor has its own way of operation and hence it is impossible for us to remove the entire amount of water present inside it. But we can remove as much as possible for both the manual methods and the dryers. The refrigeration technique is highly helpful in relieving the air compressor from the water. So tis is considered to be the best option to remove condensation in air compressor and it is also providing instant results.

How condensation happens?

By the help of checking the receiver tank present in the compressor system, it is easy to find out the amount of water accumulated. Because when you are using the compressor for a certain period of time without draining the water out of the system.this usually gets collected in the receiver tank. So if you need to remove moisture then it is good to drain the tank. Moisture enters into the air compressor as vapour and then it condenses into water because of the compression. Because air when enters into the compressor is compressed up to twelve times and you may get rid of this problem by the desiccant air dryers also. It helps in painting and printing applications of the air compressor.