4 Ridiculously Simple Hacks For Loft Living

Dreaming of a lifestyle filled with comfort and ease? It can seem impossible when you are burdened with a thousand responsibilities like juggling cooking dinner for the family and handling daily work pressure. So, it’s important that you can come home to a place which is tidy, organised and comfortable.

To make keeping your home and loft organised that much easier we’ve gathered a few top tips below. When you follow these quick and easy tricks for loft renovation you’ll discover a new wealth of space to move around. With a loft this organised you’ll look forward to coming home every day to a warm, stress-free atmosphere.

Doors That Slide Into The Wall

Sometimes all you need is a home where everything is well organised and kept in place. A space where you can roam around freely and kids can play without breaking a glass. Yet, in a space as small as a loft this can seem impossible. When it comes to lofts every inch of space counts.

A great way to start maximising your loft living space is with sliding doors. Installing doors which are fitted inside your walls can save a lot of space as they are easy to open. They won’t take up nearly as much space as a hinged door either. This can add that much more room to your living space.

Bright Colours

Furniture With Built-In Storage

Have you already used every corner of the house to place your important stuff? Keeping things organised can help save up a lot of space. Yet, what do you do when you run out of storage space? If this happens to you, it’s time to consider furniture with built-in storage units! Find how to do the Best Paper Airplane Ever

Instead of purchasing a normal bed for your kids, buy one that has under-bed storage for extra organisational space. There are also plenty of footstools which open up to present a perfect space for blanket and pillow storage.  The more things which are stored away, the more space you will have in your loft!

Custom Furniture

When you hire a loft renovator they can survey your loft and find the best locations to build customised furniture for. Custom corner storage units can really help maximise your living space and keep things tidy. Plus, with a custom piece of furniture, you can design it to suit the aesthetic of your home.

Bright Colours

Maximising your space isn’t just for storing and organising. The colour of paint you choose for your walls can also have a huge impact on the living space. Brighter colours and neutral shades can make your home look larger. The light will reflect off the walls opening it up and creating the illusion of spaciousness even in the tiniest of lofts!

Now that you’ve read these tips and tricks, you are all set to transform your loft. From beautifully organised furniture with built-in storage to custom units for corners and bright walls, your loft will soon be a perfect picture of modernity for comfortable living.