Are Australia’s Unique and Much-Loved Koalas Facing Extinction?

When I was a little kid, my first cuddly toy was a koala. I adored its non-abrasiveness and loved it for a long time. Today, it is as yet my number one Australian creature. Unfortunately, there are stressing signs that koalas are disappearing from the Australian bush.

The Australian Koala Foundation said its exploration showed the textured symbols were enduring metropolitan development and environmental change.

The quantity of wild koalas in NSW, where they are now recorded as defenceless, might have dropped to as not many as 8000. Koala numbers experienced in Victoria because of extreme bushfires and the resultant obliteration of their regular territory including explicit Eucalyptus trees required for taking care of.

Where would you be able to see koalas today?

Luckily there are numerous safe-havens in Australia where you can see these marsupials. Every Australian Zoo, including Australia Zoo have wild kangaroos in australia regions and each state in Australia has where you can see these animals in bondage. Simply contact your nearby traveller department for subtleties.

wild kangaroos in australia

My home territory of Western Australia has a koala park called Cohunu. This spot is especially famous with guests to Perth, including team individuals from visiting United States warships when they are on entertainment leave, following a deployment in the Middle East.

Yet, where would you be able to see koalas in their normal living space, in nature? A couple of years prior my significant other and I went on an outing on the popular Great Ocean Road in Victoria. We adored the marvellous waterfront landscape, the tropical jungles and the top riding objections including Bells Beach and Lorne.

These were not difficult to track down, yet discovering koalas in the wild was somewhat more slippery even mysterious. We had been told there were exceptional spots along the Great Ocean Road where we could discover them.


Therefore, there are very less safe home for kangaroos, not only for kangaroos, for lot many other animals in this word. Lets help them and keep our creatures safe before they extinct.