Beauty Secrets 101: Find the Perfect Natural Lipstick Finish

A beauty goddess can never have too many lipsticks right? Don’t worry, this article got you covered. This will discuss everything about every non-toxic natural lipstick formula from a hundred percent pure and safe.

As beauty experts always say with the women all over the world, picking the perfect lipstick can be intimidating, that’s why this article simplified the process. In this fantastic natural and highly pigmented lipstick guide, this will guide you through different lipstick finishes.

Ready? Keep on reading and meet the lipstick finishes you’ll definitely love.

Type of Lipstick Finishes Should I Get?

Usually, the color will be the first thing you’ll notice in a natural and high-pigmented lipstick, but actually, the most important factor is the finish. For beauty newbies out there, there are lots of varieties of finishes you should know about, but first, let’s dig in with the basics.

It’s crucial for you to consider what could be the type of finishes will work for your look, or even will suit your personal style. Matte, gloss, and satin, all these finishes are truly heaven’s gift for all the beauty lovers out there. Picking your lipstick is like picking your wall paint finish. Because of that lipstick finish really matters and can drastically change the aura of any shade or makeup look.

That’s why today, this article will help you to find the perfect Pigmentos decoración natural lipstick finishes that will match your kissable lips.

pigmented lipstick

Let’s start.


You’ll never go wrong with High-gloss pigmented lipstick. It has a vintage, candy, and sexy aura that needs to be seen by the world. Besides, high-gloss finish is perfect for your kissable lips to pout and be the center of attention with all the rest of the makeup can take do bow down.


Oh! Gloss is richly pigmented, smooth, and super hydrating. Gloss finish is the perfect formulas for the harmony of high shine and matte finish. Because of this perfect formulas, gloss lipstick is the best with a combination of natural lip liner to prevent chopped lip.


It gives off the vibe of a perfect middle ground shine which varies from shade to shade. Most of the satin finish natural lipstick is highly-pigmented and slightly gloss invisible.


Matte finish is getting popular in the makeup industry today. It is the complete opposite of gloss and shine. It has a flat and powdery finish that makes the most daring shades of all shades.


The tint finish is pretty versatile finish of all of the finishes out there. It’s super bendable and has a buildable formula. Tint texture is creamy-butter balm like and it levels up on the opacity compared to lip butter.