Bitcoin Lottery Guide –Top Bitcoin Lottery Web Sites

Regardless of the country that you live in, it is likely you have an access to some kind of national lottery game. In many cases, they are backed by the centralized government agencies. However, how will you know that this game is fair and true? Truth of matter is we do not know. As such, the Bitcoin lotto is now a thing, and with many different platforms providing the right chance to win large in the transparent way.

Suppose you are thinking of playing the Bitcoin lottery game, make sure you read our Bitcoin lottery Guide. Here we have covered everything right from what the Bitcoin lotteries, how they actually work, if they are secure, or how much you may win (lose). We will also discuss pros and cons of Bitcoin lottery to help you get started immediately!

Pros & cons of the Bitcoin lotteries

Looking at the Pros


  • Low stakes needed to enter
  • Chance of winning big prizes
  • Can be also played by anyone and anywhere
  • No experience required
  • Play from your home or through your phone
  • Heaps of the Bitcoin lottery providers
  • Guaranteed to be fair and true
  • Completely transparent

Looking at the Cons

  • You can lose money
  • Providers are generally unregulated

Then, you have to enter the Bitcoin wallet address. Just for your ease, this will be same address you have used for depositing the funds. When you request any withdrawal, you must see these funds back in the external Bitcoin wallet in 10 minutes.