Everything you need to know about aluminium glass house

The veranda is a space that allows you to implement the aesthetics, usability and above all the commercial value of a house or even just an apartment on the ground floor. It is a space that allows it to be exploited in different ways, since as an extension of the house it guarantees an increase in the floor area so that it can be used as an extra bedroom.There are different possibilities of realization, regarding the materials: from wood , to aluminum to PVC , in different shapes and types. It may be advisable to use an aluminum structure, a versatile and resistant material, thus guaranteeing an excellent value for money add a sunroom in Winchester, VA.

In addition, it is an easy to work and light material , resistant to shocks and atmospheric agents . The aluminum structures are resistant, not bulky, solid and durable, they require little maintenance . It is also important to choose glass with thermal break in order to ensure good thermal insulation and avoid the creation of condensation.

There are two types of possibilities for the construction of a veranda, with the exception of the traditional wooden one: aluminum or PVC . The characteristics between the two materials are intrinsically different : aluminum guarantees remarkable resistance to external agents, it is easy to clean with a non-aggressive detergent, it can be made in numerous colors . In some cases, it can cause surface condensation due to poor thermal insulation of the metal and incorrect installation: to avoid this, it is sufficient to use a thermal counterframe and a state of the art installation; the PVC for the intrinsic characteristics of the material ensures high thermal insulation characteristics and acustic or through a positive impact on energy saving. It is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned with water and a soapy cloth, and can be made with a colored or wood effect by means of a surface treatment. It is stable over time and does not yellow, it guarantees the possibility of application at both very low and very high temperatures.