GTA IV Vs GTA V: A Quick Comparison

Thinking of GTA 5 download de?  Here’s a thorough comparison of GTA IV and V that helps you to choose the best-fit version of the game for you. Let’s check them out.


Generally, GTA V is considered the best, huge and the most polished installment of the series. But what is the situation when we look at the details? Has Rockstar been more focused on details in GTA IV or GTA V?

If you’ve played in GTA IV and GTA V (and that’s probably the way it was), you’ve certainly noticed a lot of details in both titles. Such small ones, which the average player doesn’t notice, but they build the entire immersion of the living real world. The theme of realism has been discussed here recently.

Extremely aggressive police and pedestrians

The first difference that strikes the eye when comparing GTA IV and GTA V is the unique aggression of police officers and random passers-by on the streets. In IV, when we approach the law enforcement officers and we will only stand by them without doing anything suspicious, they will ignore us and continue the conversation.

 In V, however, they will react by force and arrest us. You must admit, this is an extremely strange mechanism that also has little to do with reality and realism. Maybe, the mechanics of good/bad karma are in the game and when we approach the police officers, it will turn out that they will be able to recognize us “Look, this is the guy who recently robbed a jewelry store!” – However, as we know in the game, such mechanics don’t exist.

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The situation is similar to passers-by. In GTA IV, they treat us neutrally – everyone takes care of their matters and goes in their direction, and in the V each of the three heroes has a tendency to attract problems – there are frequent situations when standing in the street someone will approach us and start looking for a provocation.

 It would also make sense. For example in the slums, some dangerous districts, not in a situation where we are standing at the metro station in the city center … or once again – if there was a good/bad karma system in the game and people are able to attack us that 5 minutes earlier, we would murder 200 people, spreading the whole city.

An interesting situation also applies to the reaction of police officers to approach them with weapons aimed at them. In GTA IV ends with the fact that a group of police officers is running apart trying to surround and arrest us – no one gives us a shot.

In GTA V, however, the approach to the group of police officers with weapons ends up in an open fire without warning.