How and who are all eligible to join Christianity?

No country is against the fact that any individual can join or get converted into the religion that he/she is really interested in. It is one’s wish about joining or de-joining a particular religion. There are several ways by which one can get converted into the other religion. Mostly the religion to which a person is going to get converted into has some rituals to perform in order to welcome them into their religion. Are you residing in South Korea and want to join any of the church groups? Shincheonji is one of the popular groups which helps you learn more about Korean Jesus and his real advices for the people who believes in him.

Generally, Christianity accepts any body from any religion to become a part of it. There are no restrictions on the past religion in order to join the same. Also there are no qualifications specially needed in order to join. Only a true belief in the specific system will make him/her a true Christian. Read below to find on how to join Christianity.

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

  • If you are a born Christian, then you would have had all the rituals performed on you immediately after the birth to make you a part of the religion. But if you want to get converted in the half way from other one, there are some ways on how you could join one. You first have to have a talk with one of the pastor living near you to convey on what thoughts you have on conversion. After you are clear about the decision that you have taken, go-ahead.
  • If you still have some confusions, meet your Christian friends if there are any near you or somewhere living next to you. You can be more free in asking about their beliefs and why they are into it still. If they have got converted, ask them all about the process and how did they feel. Probably this meeting will provide a lot of mentally needed information to you before taking the final decision. Since there are a lot of social media groups, you can also enquire in any of the groups to get comments from lot of unknown people too.
  • The conversion is normally done using baptism which is a simple ritual using water. Want to join a group somewhere in South Korea? Shincheonji provides a best option to help you know about Korean Jesusand is a trust of thousands of people already.