How to choose a florist in Singapore

Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing the perfect florist Singapore:

  • Flower Type

When choosing a bouquet, it is essential to consider the meaning of the color and type of flowers. For example, a red rose symbolizes romance and love, and blue hydrangeas are usually related to apples.

  • Budget

The flowers are taller. So, when choosing a bouquet, it is essential to define the right amount of savings before purchasing it.

Why choose a florist to hold a bouquet?

  • Team of florist experts

Our florist Singapore knows everything about flowers. They know which bouquet suits which occasion and which opportunity. They have the skills you need to create personalized bouquets to suit your style and taste. Besides, they can create the perfect bouquet to surprise your loved ones who exceed your expectations.

  • Cheap High-Quality Hand Bouquets

Well, Live Florist offers a variety of fresh and dry flower bouquets at affordable prices. We have various handmade bouquets, such as sunflower bouquets and lily bouquets, at reasonable prices. We are also committed to ensuring that only the freshest, highest quality portable bouquets leave our home. Please be assured that the bouquet will arrive in its original condition.

  • Free bouquet delivery throughout the island

We offer free same-day flower delivery throughout the island, and we can make sure that the bouquets arrive at the desired location on time and not at the minimum consumption requirement. If delivery is delayed, a full refund will be given.