How to install the textra full version?

Well, today is your day because the textra full version is simply an outstanding messaging app. You can easily download the textra full version and it supports various platforms. It has a super fast messaging app and highly customizable to the user for user-friendly support.

Steps to install:

First, you have to download the textra full version apk link

Next, click the link on your android device then go to settings option click the security option to allow unknown sources.

Afterward, you have to find the downloaded apk on your phone and install it.

All will be done and now enjoy the text.

Features of textra full version

For quick compos the message, we now show the message bubbles as soon as sending the message to a receiver.

Many improved drafts compared to other messaging app and also having the video compression without any additional app requirements.

For new users, they will introduce the animation options just check it out the textra full version settings in that about the option you just click resync. Additional feature has saving the MMS message to the gallery as well as the default setting.

And, one more option is chosen the different colors for the icon in the notification area and use the different message tone based on your needs.

Even you can adjust the vibration and LED indicator color which color as supported to your devices. This is one of the easiest ways to indicate the message notification.

Overall view of textra pro app

TheĀ textra pro review is lightweight text messaging replacement for your SMS and MMS messaging app. It offers the lighting quick look and performance enhanced to beneficial to the users. Easily you can download the textra full version without any additional needs. As well as, you can easily share the app details to your friends they also enjoying with the textra app. Because, the online user has preferred the best messaging app for that, the textra has one of the best and fast responses of communication.