Insider Tips for Becoming the Best Golf Clash Player

Whether actual or simulated, golf is a fun and interesting game. If, in this case, you want to try an exceptional multiplayer golf simulation game, you should start downloading Golf Clash or The game is available on Android and iOS platforms.

The game will allow you to play against other golf players around the world. Many golfers love this because there are no dull moments of checking the angles as well as determining the wind direction. It has a control system that only requires you to drag and release. In the end, the game is more dynamic and easy to play.

However, mastering it is another thing. If you want to become the best Golf Clash player in the world, here are some tips you can consider:

It is all about timing

In this game, timing is everything. The first thing that you need to master is when to let go of the ball. It is easy to get the ball off the ground – you just have to pull the ball back until it hits the blue circle. When it comes to letting go of the ball, you have to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly.

In your screen, you will see a small target with a needle across it. The needle should be at the center of the bull’s eye to have that perfect shot. With practice, you will master when to release the ball.

Feel free to move

For beginners, the target will be put automatically for you. However, this does not mean that you stick to it. Often times, there is a better position than the automatic trajectory. With this, you should check the course first to see if you have a good position for the target. Do not be afraid to move around. The general rule here is to aim for the fairway.

Master how to putt

When your ball is near the hole, the control will change a little. Your goal here is to putt the ball to get it into the hole. Like a regular shot, you have to pull the ball back to commence the shot but you will notice that the bull’s eye is no longer present.

Instead, you will see a path of light showing the path your ball will take once it is released. At this stage, it is important that you adjust the path so it goes into the hole then wait for the needle to align perfectly before you let go of the ball. You have to ensure that you do not use too much power.

Think about upgrading your gear

As with anything, upgrading the gear will significantly improve the play. Every club has its own attribute like power, accuracy, backspin, ball guide, and topspin. You should prioritise upgrading the putter and driver.

It is not that easy to upgrade especially for beginners because money is difficult to come by during the early parts. With this, it is prudent to invest what you have on clubs that you often use.

Final words

Golf Clash is a competitive game with different players from around the world. If you want to be the best, you should spend time practicing and remember everything you learned in this guide so you win the matches with ease.