Patrick Landau: Where He Came From And How He Became Successful

Patrick Landau was brought up in Jewish culture. He was a young man who just graduated in college when he realized that he needed to do something more. He was one of those people who dreamt to become better. But unlike the others, he did not stop dreaming. Not only that, he did everything that he could just to realize his dream.

After he graduated college, got his MBA, and enrolled at Harvard, he began his political and diplomatic career. It was in 1985 when he left the administration and decided to enter the business world in the United States. He began getting serious with the small business that he created and it became successful.

Patrick Landau from IsraelPatrick Landau And The Coffee Trade

When he knew that he was going to enter the business world, he tried the coffee trade. In fact, he even brought it to African and also sold it to coffee roasters in France. This was also the time when he met an Englishwoman who later on became his wife. When they moved to London, Landau continued with his coffee trade business. Here, he discovered more about the business world. He also learned that multinational corporations were interested in his expertise.

The Birth Of Maydex

When they left the United Kingdom and moved to Switzerland, Landau started a new organization called Maydex. This company is very close to his heart because even the name itself is the acronym of the names of his kids. Maydex was put into place by his teams of specialists who are experts in the fields of transport, defense and security, energy, and aeronautics.

The Success Of Patrick Landau

One of the best moves throughout his career was when he advised the British Aerospace to buy Leonardo which was formerly Fin Mecanica. Because of this, he gained a foothold in Italy. He was able to sell planes both in civil and military. The company also made a huge deal to keep it within the framework and because of this, more and more people wanted to work for Maydex. This gave them the guarantee in this uncertain world.

Patrick Landau is currently competing for the anti-drone system contract between Italy and Saudi Arabia. This is for the protection of the royal palaces. He was also the one who rolled out the first motorway and toll system in Israel. This included a toll with electronic scanners in order to avoid vehicles having the need to stop. Later on, he installed a tramway that was built by the Alstom in Israel. When it comes to mixing networking and business, Patrick Landau knows it better than anyone else.

Patrick Landau from Israel is the man that every entrepreneur idolizes. From his humble beginnings, he was able to move up the ladder of success because of his hard work and perseverance.