Read the honest review of melanotan 2 and make an informed decision

Many people have a wish to get the tanned skin and they take a sun bath for several hours. It can increase the problems like sunburns and skin cancer. They can take note of the Barbie drug melanotan 2 and find out how this injection assists its users to get the tanned skin. This product belongs to the group of melanocortins in the human body responsible for the skin and hair pigmentation. Many people prefer the sun exposure to get the brown pigment and enhance the skin health. However, they are prone to health problems such as skin cancer. They can prefer and use this injection as per instructions to get the desired result devoid of any negative side effect at any time.

Use the Melanotan II as per guidelines and get the desired benefitsĀ 

The three major benefits for every user of the Melanotan 2 injection are the minimal UV exposure, skin damage protection and lasting tan. It is the right time to find out and keep in mind regarding how to properly use the Melanotan II. The usage of the melanotan is an ongoing treatment which requires a starting dose and a good maintenance further after that until its users get the desired skin tone. Users of this injection have to patient as this medicine takes some time to develop the tanned skin. They can get an excellent result when they follow the dosage guidelines.

melanotan 2 injections

Follow the Melanotan II dosage instructions

All beginners to theĀ melanotan 2 have to know how this product is available on the market. Melanotan II is available as 10mg freeze dried powder in the sterile sealed vials of the multi-use purpose. This drug needs reconstitution with sterile water prior to be used. You can do it at home after the reconstitution vial has to be kept in the refrigerator. A proper reconstituting tanning peptide is the main part of this process needed to use the product and get the desired result.

You may have the skin type 1 or 2 and think about how to get tanned skin. You can get and maintain the tan when you use the Melanotan II. The total amount of the peptide required for the complete tanning season varies as per the skin type of the user. Individuals with skin type I and II need the dose Melanotan II are 30 to 50mg and 20 to 30m respectively.