Revolution of Eyelashes extension and their benefits

When it comes to eyelashes, the beauty industry has seen it all: enhancing masks, “miracle” growth serums, thermal curlers, etc. However, no trend is more noticeable than eyelash extension. The eyelash extension Singapore east seems to be a quick and easy solution to create wavy and slim eyelashes without the hassle of fakes or mascara.

What is eyelash extension and how do they work?

Eyelash extension cords are semi-permanent fibers that are applied to your natural eyelashes to make them look longer, thicker and darker. Use semi-permanent glue to attach each eyelash extension cord to each natural eyelash. (Each natural eyelash extension is one). False eyelashes can be made of synthetic fiber, mink, synthetic mink or silk, but the material varies from studio to studio. In most studios, customers can customize the style by choosing from a variety of extensions, curly patterns, and shades.

Types of extension:

There are many styles of eyelash extenders: plastic, silk and mink eyelashes-the three materials used by the eyelash extender masters. Some studios also sell fake mink extensions. These synthetic extensions look and feel like mink extensions. They prefer the type of eyelash extension used, and you don’t have to ask if there is one too. If you are a vegan or allergic to cats, please make it clear that you do not want mink eyelashes to overlap.

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Its Effective: Thanks to eyelash extension, you will be awakened by long, wavy and expressive eyelashes every day. The process is very successful, can improve the appearance of your eyes, and is good for everyone.

Customizable to level n: You can choose to get a natural or dramatic look, please work with your eyelash extension artist to determine the best length and curl for your eyelash extension.

Almost Waterproof: It’s almost waterproof-although you can’t get the debris wet for the first 48 hours, you can swim, wash and sweat in it. However, the larger they are, the longer the duration.

Painless: From beginning to end, almost everyone thinks that the process is completely painless.

It can be said that the eyelash extension Singapore east is very spectacular. You can make almost any eyelashes thicker, lengthen and darken, and make your eyelashes thicker, longer and darker, but this comes at a price.