In order to convey ideas, many people in all walks of life consult to a certain group of individuals who are called professional writers or in other terms academic writers who hire them to convey their ideas through a written article based on factual data, argumentative data and engaging in a scholarly conversation.

style of written communication

Academic writing is a style of written communication used in many professional field or a in a workplace environment that allows professionals like businessmen, professors, doctors, and lawyers to name a few to create a much more informative decisions. Professional writing is typically formal in tone and differs from written text that is considered literary or artistic, which generally seeks to create entertainment or convey philosophical truth.

Academic writing is characteristically based on evidential arguments which are precise in choosing words to be used in the article with the logical organization and impersonal tone. Unlike creative writing, academic writing is a style that informs, analyzes and persuades in a straightforward manner that it enables the reader to initiate a critical engagement in a scholarly dialogue. In other terms, it is very formal and conservative.

Academic writing comes in many forms but it has seven distinct forms that are usually practiced by the people who specializes this craft, these are; literary analysis, research paper, dissertation, clear and limited focus, logical structure, evidence-based arguments, and impersonal tone.

Literary analysis is a way to create an essay that examines, evaluates and makes an argument about literary works. Instead of heading to summarizing, literary analysis tends to go beyond that boundary.

Research Paper, meanwhile, utilizes information to support a thesis or create an argument while dissertation is a conclusive document of a Ph.D. program.

Clear and limited focus is a type of academic writing that specializes in the argument or research question which is established early by the thesis statement while logical structure is considered as the simplest form of academic writing which only requires introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Evidence-based arguments on the other hand are articles that have statements that must have support evidence from scholarly sources or quotations from a primary text.

Impersonal tone is the type of academic writing that has an objective that can be achieved through the use of impersonal language. This includes the usage of languages that requires the writer to avoid characteristics of personal language such as: using personal pronouns like “We, you, our, us” to refer to yourself or the other reader. To learn more about academic writing check out Prescott Papers.