The Best Movies Over 123Movies: An Outstanding Year For US Film Industry

Hollywood: A central region’s neighborhood of LA, California. This is a sole hub of the American film industry, where numerous types of movies are being created every year. Multiple numbers of movies are produced here; some of them get a standard rating where some hit the blockbuster charts. In this article, we are going to talk about those blockbuster movies, who had hit the charts in the movie platform. Numerous best movies over 123Movies are going to be mentioned within the discussion.

Top 5 Best Movies On 123Movies That Every Movie Junkie Will Love To Watch

The collection of excellent movies:

The movie platform is one of the most successful ones for the US film industry as they have produced various movies that were different and unique as compared to the past years where movies were quite ordinary respect to the theme. But the platform 123Movies had introduced a completely new era of movies where the themes were extremely commendable and more than an ordinary film which talks about general issues of societies.

Some of the significant movies:

Since the platform for movies was completely different, there were varieties of movies that were excellent with the concept and theme of the story. Here are some of them enlisted below:

  • Logan: the final chapter of series Wolverine, which is going to be tragic for Wolverine series lovers. In this one, things are going to be transformed into something drastic and hateful as the lead character is supposed to be dead. The rating of this movie was around 8.4 and the genre if this movie was Action, Science fiction, and drama.
  • Thor: Ragnarok: the third sequence of the movie Thor. This sequel has earned 8 rating points and was one of the most successful Hollywood blockbusters. As compared to the parts of the movie, this was the most entertaining and interesting with a different concept. The genre of this movie is action, comedy, and adventure.
  • Dunkirk: the tail of soldiers who were present in the battlefield of Second World War, the story surrounds with allied soldiers belong to Belgium, France, and British Empire who have been captured by the German army, and this movie has an outstanding concept and won numerous awards in direction and acting. The movie was given 8 ratings by the viewers and critics.

Still, a large number of movies that have not been introduced here. All in all the year has taken applauds and laurels for the US film industry.