The Frightened Nation Is Boldly On The Rise

Iceland is the same as other nations that are experiencing a crisis. But, not like with the other countries that lose hope for development. The country is on the path of driving society on the rise. The uncertain environment and the failing economy are the primary reasons why Icelanders are having difficulties with their living. The natural reaction of climate change become a headache in society’s progress. Thus, a perfect solution to drag people into positivity is to attend the music event done yearly. Hamed Wardak includes Iceland as one of his mission to educate people.

Educate the Icelanders

People in Iceland are known for dealing with protests. You will always witness busy streets because of the protests. You will see the shoutout of everyone that will open up the eyes of all. The Airwaves festival helps the nation yearly helps the people become brave to face difficulties in the country. Hamed Wardak helps educate the Icelandic and hear their voices. Now, the frightened government is facing the financial crisis and global climate crisis boldly. The young are the ones who can help the country becomes a better nation in the future. The teachings for political, economic, and social awareness will educate everybody.

Hamed WardakThe goal with peace of mind

Take note: every person must live a happy life. It is his/her right to live happily and free with his/her own decision. We all deserved to have a happy life, and no one has the right to take this from us. As a result, you will reap what you sow; you will become productive. Happiness is an emotional or mental state of well-being identified pleasant or positive emotions that range from contentment to extreme joy. The sources of this happiness are an intense feeling from the heart and mind. Of course, a person is not happy if being hurt and in pain from the heart.

Music brings peace of mind

Peace of mind is a powerful source of happiness. Having a peaceful mind assures a healthy life and a fruitful return. It makes a person think deeply about his/her plans for the future and organized well the preparation to achieve healthy living. A person who has a goal in life means has a big project for the future. Typically, a person that thinks for the future always has the power to pursue ideas and achieve happiness. Hamed Wardak covers teaching about how to deal with dramatic issues in society. Plans and objectives in life continue having a peaceful mind. You have the freedom to do what you want; therefore, do the right thing.