Hamed has always confused the people who come into contact with him. It is not just his contrary statements, but the surprising directions his thoughts take when approaching a new problem. This is not only reflected in the coruscating brilliance of his mind, which expresses itself in his projects, but also in the variability of his interests. He seems to have so many faces, that it becomes nearly impossible for people to throw light on his inner world. The world of Hamed Wardak is intensely interesting but also startling in his variety and power.

A Born Traveller

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1977, Hamed has been travelling ever since. His Father Abdul Rahim Wardak, was the Defense Minister of Afghanistan. But so ferocious was the enmity of the deposed powers, that his Father was forced to send him to schools in Pakistan and then to the United States. Here he completed his schooling, and in 1997 received his first degree (in Government and Political Science), with the renowned Rhodes Scholarship.

Early Promise

He then embarked on a fantastic career with the likes of Merrill Lynch, where his business acumen and perseverance marked him out as special. Continuing the early promise, Hamed Wardak spearheaded his own company Technologies Inc. This company blazed a trail of success, and easily bagged and executed Design Contracts from the Ministry of Defense of U.S.A. in Afghanistan.

Hamed Wardak’s Big Heart

But Hamed was not satisfied. His world had another aspect to cover: Music. Deeply introspective, and in the Techno/Electronica Genre, Hamed had used both his music as well as his tiring daily three hour exercise stints to round of his mental pressures. Now, secretly under the pseudonym “Valen of Wicked”, Hamed’s music began to reach international shores. Hamed’s world was now complete.