Fortnite is a very interesting game and if you want to make a good run in the game. There are few steps that have been tried and tested by many players to achieve your goals in the game of fortnite. You can make use of it. Make use of the drop balloon by riding it, the supply drops give you this opportunity. It is the duty of the player to spot these balloons as they carry the supply and get ready to loot them. For this to take place you would have to perch somewhere high up to get a grip on one of the balloon and descend on the foes without giving them a second though and vanquish them. Try out v bucks and hack.

Try the following for better play

The walls in the game give you an advantage to have a look into the enemies and you could catch them by utilising this option and catching the enemies without any notice. Locating the loot room is one of the missions of the player and finding the treasure in the secret room by going to the tomato tunnel, by finding a hidden room behind the car, there will be several golden chests to loot so use this opportunity amply.

To get to the ground faster keep your body in a vertical position or even jumping off when you get nearer the ground. If you are using the glider it will glide safely. But it must be remembered that gliders don’t open in water. If you are about to land hit the glider button. The smoothness of this task depends on practice. If you learn the trick you would be able to land faster than your enemies. Try v bucks hack.

Make use of your skills and materials in hand

Reaching high places is a piece of cake in fortnite but the down climb is the tricky part. You would have to pick up the counter strafe procedure to not harm yourself while climbing down. You would have to move in the opposite direction when your sliding down. There is an option of watching tv while playing fortnite, they give you the various locations around fortnite, especially homes. You would have to press the interact button for this facility to manifest for you. There always a scare around and not get spooked by a scary face or some static.

The use of fire hydrants is usually more in the game of fortnite, as there are a lot of fires taking place. The players must learn to use them to their advantage. If you use it to reach higher places by the jet of water gusting to leverage, you up and giving you an advantage over your enemies. The players can board the bus to find the golden loot chest which you could get for yourself. Getting down form higher altitudes is difficult. You can help yourself by building the floor panel as you fall.