Videogames and children, the pros

Already from the preschool age, a good part of our children’s free time is dedicated to video games.

The market offers many types and on different supports, from the PC to the Play Station, from the portable Nintendo to the Wii. Some games have a long career like Super Mario, Pokemon or FIFA updated annually with football players. More than figurines! We can be players or coaches and we can also build the player we want! Other games last the space of a season and then disappear. The interactivity of video games, the increasingly realistic graphics and the adventures in which you can participate make these games really interesting for our children for windows.

They are still widely discussed, some parents deem it appropriate to ban them altogether for their children, while others are not so strict on the subject.

The risks of this kind of games are above all related to their abuse, in fact the negative consequences of video games used incorrectly or obsessively (video games, but also television) are the reduction of spaces dedicated to physical and social activity, mental tiredness which can have a negative impact on academic performance. A disturbed relationship with video games and television can lead to a complete replacement of social relationships, favoring isolation and individualism.

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On the other hand, there are also some positive things in video games, they are stimulating as they are sensory-motor games, they stimulate understanding of the tasks to be performed, get used to managing objectives and sub-objectives, they can promote self-control and management of emotions, ability to make decisions quickly, face difficulties, take initiatives. They can also promote learning on some specific topics and knowledge of technical terminologies.

In short, more than the use, which appears to be not so bad, it is the abuse that must concern the parent, who must supervise and, if necessary, put a stop to the hours dedicated to video games and television. In any case, it is always important that parents do not let their children decide on their own the times, methods and topics of video games. In particular, as regards the themes of games, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the contents of the video games purchased, always avoiding violent or excessively competitive challenges.

The most played game in the world with 240 million copies sold, think if school subjects had some interactive support for their learning, how much more interested our kids would be.