Vortex tube a compression device

The mechanical device, which serves as a medium to separate the squeeze gas into hot and cold streams. Moving parts are absent in these devices. The gas appearing from the hot end can reach to a temperature of 200c and the gas appearing from the cool end may reach up to -50c. These tubes act as spot cooling elements in the industry. The main advantage of the vortex tubes is the tubes can increase or decrease the temperature from the source inlet air temperature. Any fluid that flows and rotates about an axis in the form of a twister is termed as vortex. Vortex tubes acts as the vortex and helps in the separation of air streams into hot air and cool air.

Advantages of Vortex tubes: Vortex tubes are manufactured keeping the customers needs in mind and so it has gained popularity due to its benefits. Mode of usage can be easily identified by the consumers as it is easy to understand the process and can be adopted easily by everyone. The main advantage is it comes for low price and buyers will have the capability to buy the product due to its price.

Reliability and durability: The manufacturers promises to provide the vortextubes with good quality, which helps in strengthening the faith in the customers. Vortextubes are good at controlling temperatures and are robust in nature. Vortextubes always utilize air as the cooler so there will be no problem of leakage. Vortex tubes are designed in a very simple patternwhere control systems are absent. These devices are framed in such a way that they can be operated easily and can be carried easily due to its lightweight and can be placed anywhere in the room.

The initial amount spent on the vortex tubes are low when compared to the services delivered by the devices, and the compressed air, which is the source for the vortex tubes are readily available. The devices can be maintained at low cost as professionally trained individuals are not required to operate the device as it is framed in such a way that it can be operated easily by common man.  Vortex tubes are small and it releases hot air as well as cool air and are mainly used in the industries for cooling purpose. It is also used in coalmines for reducing the workers body temperatures. Vortex tubes are safe to use as it does not require electricity. It can be installed easily at any place even in tight areas.

Vortex tubes are used for cooling the cutting machines. Vortex tubes come in wide varieties to meet the needs of the procedures and spot cooling techniques.